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Mobile air minitoring laboratory

Gas analyzers installed in van for environmental air monitoring

A well-equipped mobile laboratory can be a perfect solution for monitoring ambient air quality in remote areas, as well as for rapid response in case of an environmental disaster.

SIA Adrona is capable to manufacture a range of mobile laboratories, designed for monitoring of various air quality parameters. The laboratories are ideal where mobility and fast results are needed.

The mobile laboratories are supplied in a form of vehicle lab based upon a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.


• Quick and accurate determination of air pollution by

         o Nitrogen oxides.

         o Hydrocarbons.

         o Dust.

         o Sulfur dioxide.

         o Carbon monoxide.

         o Ozone.

• Operation both from external power supply and from a built-in generator.

• Protection from a power failure.

• Data acquisition and analysis software provides:

        o Autonomous operation with automatic data storage.

        o Tabular and graphical reports on air quality over a time period.

        o Instant results as well as comprehensive electronic reports on a built-in or a remote computer.









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