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Pure and ultrapure water system Gradus

Fully integrated pure and ultrapure intelligent water system. Superior quality of ultrapure and pure water is achieved directly from a tap water source.

Available in 2 configurations – deionization or EDI.


PreClean Pack - high efficiency removal of colloids, particles, free chlorine and minerals for improved system performance.

EDI module or DI pack - removes remaining ions for consistently superior quality pure water. EDI system requires no maintenance, ensuring low and predictable costs.

Advanced reverse osmosis (RO) - removes 97-99% contaminants including ions, particles, bacteria and organic molecules reduces water consumption for 60%.

Prior to water production, automatic rinsing of the RO membrane and the EDI module ensures that only the highest quality pure water enters the tank.

Within the tank, pure water quality is preserved by two built in features:

• Vent filter - provides protection against airborne contaminants;

• Automatic Sanitization Module - with an integrated UVC regularly irradiates stored water and tank walls, preventing bacterial growth and biofilm formation.

Automatic recirculation of stored water through bactericidal UV lamp preserves water quality in the tank and ensures that high quality Grade 2 water is always on hand ready to use.

Ultra Pack Polishing Cartridge - removes ions and organic contaminants down to trace level.

Oxidation UV lamp - emitting 185 nm, photo-oxidises organic contaminants.

G1 ultrapure water dispenser - delivers consistently ion free and low TOC ultrapure water

G2 pure water dispenser - delivers guaranteed quality Grade 2 pure water










Total dimensions: 330 mm wide, 450 mm deep, 630 mm high

Integral to your bench work

Large touchscreen

Simplified and detailed information in multiple languages

Alerts and alarms are visible on the main screen with complete

information on actions required

Monitoring the operation of the system

Easy to use

Water delivered up to 2 litres a minute keeps interruptions to a


Volumetric dispensing allows fast reissue of volumes

Volumetric control is available from 20 ml to 20 litres


Installation process gives quick access to laboratory water

Easy menu navigation in multiple languages

Easy access to change consumables

Cost effective

All consumables included

Large volume DI cartridge

Space saving design means a more efficient laboratory and team

Large touchscreen

• simplified and detailed information in different languages

• alerts and alarms are visible on the main screen with complete information on actions required

• monitoring the operation of the system

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